After 20 years as a trainer, and approximately 50,000 training sessions, John's passion for fitness gives him unflagging energy for helping clients achieve their fitness goals to exercise and nutrition.

John shows clients the safest, most efficient path to long-term success: " I believe 100% you can obtain any goal with proper planning, balance and instruction. It all comes down to one thing — commitment. I am fully committed to my clients and if they are fully committed in return, it's astounding what we can achieve."

Who is John DiDio?
First and foremost John is a husband and father to his beautiful wife and 2 sons; Lori, Nicholas, Santino. John and his family enjoy anything outdoors such as sports, swimming, hiking, playing on the playground, playing in the snow, and anything else physical you can imagine. John is a workaholic who takes his business very serious and absolutely loves what he does. Some other things John enjoys are weight training, coaching basketball, playing golf, and working in his yard.
Johns also enjoys his Mustang named Carmella and his Jeep named Fabiana. He has a huge passion for cars and customizing them. John is also a 5% er, if you want to know what that means your going to have to ask him in person.
Lastly, let’s talk about that beard! WOW, REALLY?

How bad do you want it?
This is the question I ask everyone of my clients the first day we sit down to establish their goals. My ultimate goal is to empower you to take ownership of your health and help you make improvements to your quality of life! I have transformed thousands of lives with my proven techniques. Please allow me to offer you my professional services, share my experiences, have some fun, and get you moving in the right direction!




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